Tullio Seppilli Ai lettori / A los lectores / To our readers
Els van Dongen & Josep M. Comelles Presentation
Tullio Seppilli Medical Anthropology “at Home”: a conceptual framework and the Italian experience
Sjaak van der Geest Introduction
Raymond Massé Contributions and challenges of Medical Anthropology to Anthropology. Integration of multiple dimensions of social suffering and medicalization of Medical Anthropology
Ángel Martínez Hernáez Symptoms, epistemes and poaching anthropologists;
Sylvie Fainzang Medical Anthropology, a tool for Social Anthropology
Oriol Romaní “Drugs”, an analyser of contemporary societies
Rosario Otegui Pascual Social Anthropology and Aids
Bernhard Hadolt Anthropology’s ‘ownership of the body’ and the medicalisation of Social Anthropology
Sylvie Fainzang Introduction
Ivo Quaranta Contextualising the body: Anthropology, Biomedicine and Medical Anthropology
Mari Luz Esteban Embodied anthropology: Anthropology from oneself
Helle Johannessen Stories the body can tell. On bodily perceptions as a link between alternative medical technologies and illness narratives
Anita Hardon - Jane Harries Towards an Anthropology of contraception: on the pill, control and embodiment
Joan Bestard - Gemma Orobitg Canal - Julia Ribot - Carles Salazar Body and knowledge. Kinship, new reproductive technologies (NRT) and public values
Josep Canals Introduction
Xavier Allué Cultural competence in Medicine
Paolo Bartoli - Caterina Pasquini - César Zúniga Valle Health-seeking behaviours of immigrants in Umbria. Practices of domestic management of health and illness and recourse to health and social services
Maya Pellicciari Ethnography in the consulting room. General practitioners’ attitudes towards Italian and Immigrant patients in Perugia (Umbria)
Alejandro Goldberg Medical Anthropology and Ethnography. An approach to a case study on immigrant health conditions in Spanish society
Xavier Allué


Josep Canals

Self-help, reciprocity and redistribution in a changing Welfare State

Cristina Larrea Killinger

Health and sanitation. Environmental health and sociocultural conditions in two favelas in the city of Salvador, Bahia (Brazil)

Massimiliano Minelli

Rhetorics of madness and practices of healing. An ethnography in the field of mental health

Aivita Putnina

Medicine and change: making agency count

Hans-Einar Hem

Liturgical categories and ritual process. The Nordic welfare states encounter with workplace health problems

Emilio J. Sanz - Nicky Britten - Myfanway Morgan - Deanna J. Trakas - Tuula Vaskilampi

Ethical review of qualitative studies and health services research in Medicine;

Els van Dongen Closing notes second meeting Maah, Tarragona April 2001
Josep M. Comelles